Sunday, June 4, 2017

Will never surface for the world to see...

Deep down in a darkest cave
Below the sunlit surface waters
There is a tiny little fish in the sea
That the world will never get to see...

He spreads the light of thousand stars
Which keeps the darkness far away
Deep inside...always happy and warm
But...will never surface for the world to see...

He sings a song in the longest nights
Echoing waves...touching the cave
The silent romance with so much beauty
But...It is too deep, so the world won't see...

04 June 2017


  1. The creature is called Loneliness, right?

    Beautiful thoughts.. :)

    1. Thank you Kami,

      But it is not is love, romance, peace or can be any other serenity which you enjoy deep inside your heart... only by yourself... and no body else can even imagine that beauty...

  2. yes many has hidden the most beauty in the deepest places where no one can see... lovely ! good poetry pokuru

  3. "World wont see..." deepest meaning is so wonderful